I'm Claudia Latisnere, a professional visual artist originally from Mexico but based in New Zealand since 2013. Ninu is my nickname and since 2011 I have been using the label They Call Me Ninu to spread the word about what I do. Photography is my art form of choice but I also work with object art and storytelling. I have exhibited my work in a number of solo and group exhibitions back in my home country and my first exhibition in New Zealand was as a finalist in the 2017 National Contemporary Art Award at the Waikato Museum.

As an artist, I am interested in the human cognitive process of transforming experience into meaning. I believe that finding our own systems of beliefs and codes throughout our lives is a very personal process and an important one. I usually work in series of photographs around a particular subject. I like the narrative quality that working in series produces and how these narratives help to build bridges between my work and its audience.

Alongside my personal art practice, I currently work as an independent creative strategist in the arts and culture sector and I am passionate about my work in the fields of community arts development and participatory arts.