Mbira music for our rural community

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This is Theresa Kiff and me, Claudia Latisnere. We live in rural Waikato and we play the mbira. We both love playing our mbiras together and we want to grow our band and share this marvelous music with more people in our community.

To make our little band grow we need to buy more instruments. The instruments are expensive because they come from Zimbabwe and so we are planning a couple of fundraising events. Theresa and I will perform and play our mbiras in these fundraising events but to perform we need a couple of "dezes." A deze is a traditional "low-tech amplifier" and we need two to perform because mbiras are not very loud.

We currently have enough funds to buy one deze but we need one more and we started a Pledge Me campaign to help us get the second deze.

About mbira music

Mbira is a musical instrument that the Shona people have played for over a thousand years in Zimbabwe. The Shona mbira music is polyrhythmic, soothing and captivating. It also has a very social aspect to it. To learn to play the mbira, you get together and as a group, you help each other out to learn the tunes. And mbira music sounds better when two or more people are playing together. 

Mbira music in New Zealand

Mbira music has traveled all around the world and in New Zealand, we are lucky to have an mbira society in Wellington. Mbira Soc was founded in August 2012 by Julian Raphael, a wonderful community musician, music educator, composer, and performer. We learned everything we know about mbira music from the Mbira Soc!

To help us, all you need to do is click on the link below, sign in to the Pledge Me site, and make a small donation. It would be very much appreciated and you would get a special gift from us in the mail. Because it's wonderful to get special things in the mail!