National Contemporary Art Award Finalist

The National Contemporary Art Award will be exhibited from Saturday 29 July until Sunday 5 November 2017.

About a month ago I received an email from the Waikato Museum saying "congratulations, you have been selected as a finalist in the 2017 National Contemporary Art Award." I was stoked. This would be my first exhibition since I moved to New Zealand and that was four years ago. It took a little while but I felt like I was back on track again. Sometimes I think that moving countries can be a bit like pressing the reset button after being very advanced in the game. The main thing is to never forget about your goal and mine has always been to make art.

I was living in Wellington at the time and I resolved to deliver my piece myself; I thought a road trip to the Waikato would be fun. I packed my work and my bag and borrowed a car from a friend. The drive was six hours full of beautiful landscapes, music, and lots of thinking. I thought about all the projects that I wanted to work on in the next while. I also thought about the times different people tried to discourage me from being a full-time artist. "It's hard and that it doesn't pay the bills," they said. I never listened to their words. I have always believed that a life with a purpose is a life well lived and it always pays off. The images you see below are the photographs that are hanging now on one of the walls at the Waikato Museum.