Storytelling Workshop for kids

The Storytelling Workshop is one of the projects that came about during my art sabbatical in the Waikato in 2016. It was heaps of fun developing the idea and the methodologies, and I was lucky enough to receive great support from Creative New Zealand, Waipa District Council, and Creative Waikato to kick-start the project. Many thanks for all your support!

Everything about the workshop

In this workshop, the kids learn about the art of storytelling and how to use modern technologies to turn their tales into animated movies. The aim is for the stories to be about the kids’ communities so that they are encouraged to appreciate the place they live in.

This workshop is designed to stimulate young people’s creativity and foster their self-expression while interacting with their environment. The kids come away with an enriching experience and a movie that tells about them and the place they belong to.

The goal is to create a movie about any story kids want to tell about the place they live in.
The age group for these workshops is 8 to 12 years old.
The technique is 2D stop-motion animation and collage.
All the materials are provided.
The kids need to come prepared with a story about anything they love about the place they live in. It can be about somebody they find interesting, a place they like to go to, an anecdote, a legend, etc. We will develop the story further during the workshop. The kids are totally welcome to mix fiction with true facts.
The duration of the workshop is 8 hours in total; four sessions of two hours each.
The availability is limited to 10 participants per workshop.
The cost per workshop is available upon request, and I am able to assist your organisation with the funding application if required. The cost includes 8hr of tutoring, 10hr of movie post-production, 1hr of screening event coordination, promotional material, and all the materials and equipment required to produce the movies.
There is a screening evening at the end of each workshop to which family and friends are invited to enjoy the kids’ films. The kids receive an award for their creations on this evening too, during the Golden Cow Film Awards ceremony. This event is free admission.

You can see a sample movie I made, and one created by a kid in a previous workshop below. If you want to see the complete collection of movies created in previous workshops please click on the following link

For more information about these workshops please email Claudia at You can also follow the Facebook page to get the most recent updates

I look forward to working on more stories!